The 11TSG group is teaming up with other DCS squadrons interested in well organised multiplayer CO-OP events to create and take part in huge inter-squadron missions and story driven campaigns!

X51 is attending these events and contributing to mission design and hosting. If any members are interested in joining the group head on over to their discord and introduce yourself as a member of X51  to SeraphimGray. Also let either Wazzerbosh or Vaudoo know so we can keep track of X51 members who are joining.

For members of other squadrons, or lone pilots the requirements to join are:

  1. As a Group you are willing to give back what you take, i.e. you are willing to organize events and make some missions in return.- this is key point that will sustain cooperation going forward
  2. As a pilot you are willing to actively participate in a planning meeting to ensure your slot on the mission roster- this is the filter that separates dedicated virtual pilots apart from casual
  3. You speak English
  4. Your Group / Clan is either EU, or Middle-East and near Middle-East based- for ping reasons

Currently the group is planning the second sortie of the "Failed State campaign" which will consist of 10 initial missions for everyone that joins (and secures their slot in the mission). There are already 4 groups in the roster and about 20-30 active pilots partaking!

So, if you're interested, join the discord!