18.05.20 @ 1900UTC


The country is in the throes of a military coup. The armed forces are split between loyalists and the resistance.

The treacherous resistance forces wish to overthrow the President and put him on trial for treason.

After yesterday's revelation that key party and military officials were working with the resistance to help them infiltrate our country's defense network, this morning the Presidential office decided the situation is too volatile and his safety cannot be guaranteed.

At 0700 the President will be extracted to a loyalist airbase on the Western coast aboard a civilian airliner and be temporarily extracted from the country.


We are tasked with escorting the President's aircraft to the destination.

Flights WASP, TIGER and DAGGER will depart from the same airfield as the president, while flight PYTHON will rendezvous at way point 2 to establish BARCAP over the destination airfield.




WASP: F-18

The extraction of the President is a highly classified operation. However, enemy activity is unpredictable and the situation is evolving rapidly. Most of the Air Force is loyal to the President, but the Army, which is leading the coup possesses rotary and ground attack aircraft with limited air to air capabilities.


Due to the President's decision to reallocate military funding to pay for designer suits for his favorite Dachshund/Admiral of the Navy Señor Salchicha, AIM-120 missiles are not available for this assignment.

The entire flight will be under our air defense network coverage, which is under direct control of the presidential office. However, enemy short range AAA and SAM systems may be found south of the mountains where resistance activity is concentrated. Caution advised for PYTHON flight during their ingress.

More information will be posted closer to the event

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