X51 Squadron is returning to it's roots. Saturday the 25th at 1800 UTC, we are meeting each other in a fight to be remembered! The DCS and IL-2 pilots will be teaming up to show our War Thunder pilots that they haven't forgot where they are coming from.

A team will be formed of X51 members that have War Thunder as their main platform. They will be fighting a team comprising the DCS and IL-2 players of the squadron. The winning team will be determined in a best-of-3 series of Team Deathmatch. All rounds will last 20 minutes and a 10 minutes break will be provided between each to talk tactics.

Now into the specifics. The DCS/IL-2 pilots will be flying as German. Their available planes will be the BF-109 F-1 and FW-190 A-1. The War Thunder pilots will be representing Allies and will have the Spitfire Mk Vb/trop and the Corsair F4U-1A USMC at their disposal.

The map will be Sicily, where 2 airfields will be available for each team. We are forecasting the battle happening around noon and a few clouds around 2000m.

For simplicity, the HUD will be on and the team markers enabled like the standard SB rules.