Basic information and guidelines for X51 members.


Last Updated: 29.06.2019

Data Management Statement
Last Updated: 29.06.2019

Training Times

Platform Day UTC Time
War Thunder (US) [suspended] Friday 0100 UTC
War Thunder (EU) Saturday 1800 UTC
IL-2 (US) [suspended] Monday
0000 UTC
IL-2 (EU) Friday 1800 UTC
DCS Combat Monday
1900 UTC


  • We report all times in UTC/Zulu, and will be adjusted for DST
  • The "Your Time" column automatically converts the training time to your timezone, based off of your computer's local time. If for some reason this doesn't work, you can convert the times yourself here:
  • This is the default schedule and it may change at times due to to officer availability or clashes with events. Always double-check the times posted in the x51only-announcements channel.
  • US timezone trainings for IL-2 and War Thunder are currently suspended due to low numbers available at those times

Simple Radio

Latest version download link: SRS

Scroll down to the bottom and click the "DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone-<version number>.zip" link.

X51 SRS Server IP/URL:
Coalition password (if required): red

Installation guide for X51: Here

Standard Formations

Basic Flight Maneuvering

Click the links below for increasingly advanced guides on BFM tactics, formations and maneuvers.

BFM Fundamentals Guide - A guide to the fundamentals of BFM

Summaries of BFM maneuvers and tactics below:

Basics I

Basics II

Advanced I Coming soon...

Advanced II Coming soon...

DCS Combat Introduction Guides

These are a growing series of guides written by us to introduce new DCS players to combat. They are basic and assume almost zero knowledge of modern air combat tactics - designed to get new members up to speed to be able to join our trainings.

Airfield Operations and Communications Introduction

Modern Air Combat Introduction

SEAD/DEAD Introduction

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