Joining X51

If you would like to join the squadron, or just check us out please head over to our discord server: [Invite Link]  and follow the instructions in the #welcome channel.

If you would like to apply for membership:

  • Read the rules below and if you are happy with them and meet the requirements then make sure have reacted to the X51 Membership message in the #roles-assignment channel of our discord server to mark yourself as an applicant and receive the role. This will alert us with a message that you have applied. If you have any questions feel free to ping the @officer role.

Squadron Rules

1 - Entry Requirements

To be eligible to join X51 a candidate must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Not be a member of another squadron
  • Have a joystick and analogue rudder control (or be proficient with other means)
  • Have either head-tracking or VR. Exceptions can be made if the member is suitably proficient with an alternative setup (mouse, joystick hat etc)
  • To have read and agreed to the squadron rules and data collection and management statement
  • Be able to attend often the weekly trainings at the times specified for the chosen main platform:
Platform Day UTC Time
IL-2 Western Zones Tuesday (Wednesday in US) 0130 UTC
IL-2 Eastern Zones Monday 1900 UTC
DCS Combat Wednesday
2000 UTC

Please note that the day may be different than the one in the table depending on your timezone.

Platform specific requirements

  • DCS Combat - Own one of the following aircraft: F-18, F-14B, F-16, AH-64D and preferably the Persian Gulf terrain
  • DCS Aerobatics - Be part of one of our DCS display teams. Own the F-18
  • IL-2 Great Battles - Battle of Stalingrad

2 - Discord Server Rules of Conduct

  1. Whenever online, please join the Voice Channels on Discord in order for others to join you and play together. (If you feel like flying alone, please go to “Busy” channel)
  2. Trainings and internal squadron events will be announced in the #x51only-announcements channel. Public events and news will be announced in #announcements channel. Do not mute these channels and check them often
  3. All messages related to X51 operation, trainings, attendance and internal events must be restricted to members only channels. Do not post attendance advisories, training questions or similar in the public channels.
  4. The =X51= tags must be worn at all times in other discord servers related to our main platforms. Your tags can be added by clicking on “server settings” -> change nickname.

3 - Attendance and Activity

  1. Membership of the squadron requires activity and training attendance in either DCS World or IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles. Applicants must choose one of these as their main platform and will be expected to attend their respective trainings and events regularly. Members may switch their main platform by contacting an officer. All members are welcome to attend events and trainings outside their main platform, in addition to their required trainings.
  2. All members are required to advise if they are planning to attend a training or not. All attendances and advisories are recorded and repeatedly not attending without advising may cause loss of rank or membership status.
  3. Aside from weekly trainings, some activity within the squadron is expected. Long absences from flying may result in loss of rank or dismissal from the squadron.
  4. Any rank above CADET is eligible for leave due to real life circumstances. Leave status can be requested for a maximum of three months initially, after which the situation will be reviewed. We respect the importance of real life events and aim to be as accommodating as possible.
  5. CADET rank is a probationary period in which attendance and advising is closely monitored. Not advising an absence for a single training may result in dismissal from the squadron.
  6. Any member who leaves the squadron is eligible to re-apply after 1 month. Any member who is kicked from the squadron is eligible to re-apply after 3 months unless permanently banned. Any re-accepted member will be on a probationary period for one month.

4 Multiplayer and Public Events Code of Conduct (All Platforms)

  1. Do not insult or “flame” others in multiplayer matches, events and discord servers. Any complaints about our members doing so will be taken very seriously.
  2. No use of tools, programs or exploits that may be considered cheating. Doing so will result in an immediate and permanent ban from the squadron, and other squadrons will be notified.
  3. Individual multiplayer server rules must be adhered to, specifically in DCS and Il2. Breaking these rules may result in all X51 members being kicked or banned from these servers.
  4. The ‘=X51=’ tags must be worn at all times in multiplayer. In IL-2: BoX and DCS: World, the player must add the tags manually. Officers or more senior members will be able to assist new members in doing so.
  5. Lone wolfing is strongly discouraged. If a member is seen regularly flying alone in Il2, DCS or War Thunder but is not active in the squadron, their rank or membership may be affected.
  6. Use common sense in online behavior. It reflects on all of us. If a member exhibits poor behavior, people might not remember the individual who acted poorly, but they will remember the squadron tag.

Contacts and Roles

For any squadron related questions, comments or advisories please contact any of the following officers.
If you have any comments or questions related to specific platforms, activities or events here is a list of responsibilities within the squadron:

Role Responsible
Squadron Commander (oversees all activities) Dragon
DCS Combat Wazzerbosh
DCS Aerobatics E_Regnans
IL-2 Great Battles Cmiguana

Squadron Information Page

Discord Invite